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by prison library

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recorded by yacob


released May 8, 2013

mick & adrian



all rights reserved


prison library Oakland, California

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Track Name: i'm so rich
i'm so rich
Track Name: blank is the devil's blank
sold my soul for nothing
sold yrs back to you for more

couldn't find my car keys
found a rope and hung myself

kissed my wife goodbye
and then i kissed her down in hell
Track Name: mask of defeat
found a dollar
in yr lap
tore it up
& gave it back

lost control
scarred it up
no one lives here
who gives a fuck

when i'm bent over the sink,
my face covered with soap,
and i can't open my eyes
that's when i feel it creeping up on me
Track Name: positive role model
wanna be a shithead
teach me what you know about nothing
Track Name: so what
you light a match
grew a soul patch
yr daddy's white
yr pussy's tight
you broke yr nose
this movie blows
i made ice tea
you got hep-c
relieve yr doubt
i got strung out
wanna be a slut
you said so what
Track Name: western addition
yr my misery
yr my loneliness
you never call me
and when you do all we do is fight
we always make dates
i always show up late
and i gotta hang around
with lots of people i hate
down in western addition
what a place to be
in the midst of the bourgeois
i run around
but its still the same sad town
i go to the mission to eat a burrito
i never see anyone i know
i like to say things i don't understand
i like to interfere with the best laid plans
i just try to be someone else
and you insist on being yrself
Track Name: no blood
passed out in the sun
forgetting as hard as you can
like the dead killing the dead
i touched one of her braids
but nothing came out
my heart never bursts

i always suspected that nothing in life mattered and now i know for sure
Track Name: career criminal
i don't feel good
i've never been mad
i just wanna take everything you have
i don't need to feel good
it helps to feel bad
i just wanna do things that make you sad
when i crack my fingers
my lips turn to smirk
i crawl through yr window while yr at work
Track Name: prison life
the weight of yr keys
the jerk of the wheel
the times i said please
the things that they steal
the roof of my mouth
the back of yr head
& disappointment
the things that i steal
the flip of a coin
you always pick heads
the sun in my eyes
for the last time
its all mine
i'll take it away

i've been in prison my whole life
my entire life i spent in prison
i've been in prison my whole life